About Us

Customer Intimacy


With a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, combined with current market insights and technical expertise, we help innovate home and personal care solutions to meet and exceed expectations.


Solution Focused


Dow provides ingredients that can be the difference maker for your formulation. With an innovation-driven approach, we deliver technologies that drive maximum value and give our customers a competitive advantage.


Market Driven


With global locations, expansive expertise and a strong scientific foundation, Dow is ready and able to provide assistance to every corner of the world. Dow fosters local and regional innovations, as well as supports the development of global formulations to bring new products to market faster.


Industry Leading Sustainability Standards


Dow is a leader in enabling innovative materials for applications in the personal care and home care markets. We can help tailor the solutions customers need to stay ahead, ranging from sustainability objectives to reduction in processing costs.


Global Reach with a Local Touch


As a world-leading supplier of material science innovations, Dow can provide the fundamental building blocks that support a wide array of home and personal care solutions for today and the future.


Next Generation Mindset


Backed by more than 115 years of experience, Dow’s first-class expertise in analytical science, biotechnology, catalysis, materials science and polymer science enables innovation in emerging regions and high-growth markets.


Material Science


Dow’s broad portfolio of chemistries helps increase the performance of products and enhance daily living. From emollients, conditioning polymers and biodegradable surfactants for personal care products, to anti-graying polymers for laundry and low-VOC coupling agents for home cleaners, Dow has the quality ingredients to optimize products that consumers use every day.


Broad Portfolio


Dow is committed to developing innovative technologies that offer our customers and brand owners the opportunity to create sustainable products. We also collaborate with key stakeholders around the world to use our resources more efficiently and advance our sustainability commitments.


First-Class Expertise


With a constant finger on the pulse of the markets we serve, Dow strives to create cutting-edge solutions that help produce next-generation products that stand out against the competition.


Application Science


Dow delivers market-driven innovations based on distinct chemistries and technologies that evolve to meet the industries’ changing needs. With deep market insights, we provide value to our customers and help create solutions that address current and future consumer demands.


Through the Home, Institutional and Personal Care business, Dow offers unique innovations that empower consumer brands around the world to deliver exceptional product performance and process enhancements that create value.

Dow is built to better serve the customer with high-performing solutions that help bring multi-functional benefits to the end-use consumer. By collaborating directly with brand owners Dow is able to help bring products to the market that enrich the daily lives of the consumer. Also, because of these collaborative relationships, Dow is able to keep a close finger on the pulse of industry trends.

Dow has been committed to the personal care and home care industries for more 40 years, offering unique innovations that help empower brands around the world to deliver exceptional product performance and process enhancements that create value.

Dow’s Home, Institutional and Personal Care business leverages the full power of the global company: 

  • Analytical Science
  • Engineering & Process Science
  • Formulation Science
  • Inorganic Materials & Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Polymer Science
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Organics, Polymers & Organometallics
  • High Throughput Capabilities
  • Information Research
  • Separation Science
  • Laboratory Safety

The personal care and home care markets are a perfect fit for Dow. Our focus on science and technology, our passion for innovation and our integrated, market-driven portfolio allow us to have the flexibility and proactive attitude that is necessary to meet the very specific and dynamic consumer demands. Please see below to further explore the capabilities of the business and Contact Us for further information.