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Handwashing with Soap - a Simple Solution to a Global Problem

Handwashing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Forming a habit with this simple act can save millions of lives1 , in West and Central Africa alone it could save about half a million children each year.2 Lack of clean water, affordable soap and hygiene education makes it difficult for those in underdeveloped regions to make handwashing with soap a part of their everyday routine.

Dow products like Dow POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers and Dow ACULYN™ Excel Rheology Modifiers meet sanitation needs and increase the life of the soap bar while also improving comfort.

Partner for a Purpose
Through collaboration we can solve society’s greatest challenges. Dow partners across public and private sectors to make a global impact on health and hygiene. Beyond developing hygiene solutions to improve global health with technologies that make soaps and body washes more affordable and long-lasting, Dow also makes it a priority to partner with brand owners and organizations like Global Handwashing Partnership to raise awareness for this important cause.

Dow has supported the Global Handwashing Partnership since 2011. Every year on October 15, Dow raises awareness for Global Handwashing Day, an annual global advocacy day dedicated to increase understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

To celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2017, Dow will partner with Global Communities to educate children in Ghana and Kenya about proper handwashing through discussion, practical demonstrations and song. Over 2,000 people are expected to participate in handwashing trainings and demonstrations. Additionally, Dow will donate 20 new handwashing stations and restroom facilities in local schools and communities.

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Dow ACULYN™ Rheology Modifiers

Consumers place value on the full experience with personal care products – from aesthetics on the shelf, to sensory experience and beauty benefits. Our broad portfolio of ACULYN™ Rheology Modifiers enhance texture, enable suspension of active ingredients and bubbles, adjust flow properties and stabilize as well as thicken body wash formulations. The latest addition to our portfolio, Dow ACULYN™ Excel Rheology Modifier can help you develop body washes that is milder for skin and enhances user experience.


Discover ACULYN™ Excel: How Our Technical Capabilities Helped Create Our Latest Innovation

Dow scientists discuss the technical capabilities that allowed them to create ACULYN™ Excel, a versatile and affordable rheology modifier for personal care applications. The rheology modifier enhances texture, provides suspension, adjusts flow properties and stabilizes as well as thickens formulations in a variety of applications.




How Handwashing Impacts Your Health
Learn more about improper handwashing and the negative impact it could have on your health in our Global Handwashing Infographic.

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Dow POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers

Healthy living shouldn’t be a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Through the power of science and collaboration, Dow and Unilever developed a bar of soap that allows more children – perhaps millions more – to live to see their fifth birthday. Dow POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers technology delivered distinct performance and sensorial benefits to Unilever's Lifebuoy soap. The result is a more affordable, life changing hygienic product for those in economically challenged regions. This innovative collaboration with Unilever marks the fourth accomplishment in our "Breakthrough to World Challenges," exceeding a milestone we set as part of our 2025 Sustainability Goals.